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  • Recruiting. Usually we rely on in-person pop-up tabling, whether in our library or at our Center for Student Diversity or other places. Have you been able to recruit virtually in the past? How do you reach non-habitual library users virtually?
  • Methods. Well, traditional in-person usability testing one-on-one during a pandemic sounds not fun. What methods work really well virtually?
  • Tools. For me this is a spectrum from "Novel/Fancy" to "Well established/loved" I'm interested to try Jamboard and we recently got OptimalWorkshop... and then there's more vanilla survey tools and plain ole Zoom too, which can be better as we all grapple with the mental challenges of all day meetings. I personally will want to minimize the mental challenge of participating when life is fairly difficult. What would you like to douse?
  • Refining and redesigning with colleagues. There's a lot of room for growth following already established research, especially if your pain-points are already identified or defined, or you have some user research handy. Gamestorming and Google's Design Sprint Kit are great frameworks or activity sources that I've used in the past. Whether I adapt them for telework (with varying levels of success)... I guess maybe we'll find out soon enough? Do your colleagues have the bandwidth to plan improvements? What are you eager to work on that's within your wheelhouse or influence?