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The OPAC had gone through a redesign! Please comment any UX related suggestions here. Thank you!

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  1. USMAI SAS has received a message from one access services department about a concern over the Web OPAC's verbiage on the PPH process. 

    Specifically, when a patron is placing a request, the button on the page where you select your delivery campus indicates "SEND," but in fact clicking that does not send the request - a patron has to click a second "SEND" button on the confirmation page, which has led to some confusion among patrons.  Some of the confusion comes from patrons who were used to the old system, where there was no confirmation page, and some because the confirmation page (when coupled with the term "SEND" on the button from the prior page) presents as a post-order confirmation, not a last-step-before-order confirmation.

    It seems like this could be prevented simply by changing the language used on the first "SEND" button to something like "NEXT" or "PROCEED"?  That would mimic most online shopping sites where you select your shipping information before getting a final pre-order information page (where you confirm all of the information is correct before sending/purchasing), with which most patrons would be familiar. 

    1. Andrew Yager - the labels on these buttons have been modified ("Submit", then "Confirm Request") as part of the redesign since we have some more flexibility now that we're not relying on images for these buttons. 

      1. David Dahl thanks!  I'll pass this along to the original requester!

  2. Hi! This looks terrific!

  3. It's much more difficult in the mobile version of the redesigned OPAC to switch between catalogs than it was in the old version. In the latter, the "choose campus" link was visible next to the "You are here" message at the top of the display. With the redesign, a user now has to click the menu icon (3 horizontal bars) at the top of the display, then scroll down to find the "choose campus" option, which is buried at the bottom of a long list of other links.

    The previous version was much more intuitive and navigable, in addition to requiring fewer clicks by the user. Is there any way to add the "choose campus" link below, or next to, the "You are here" message, as it was before?

    1. Rick Davis Thank you for the feedback on this. We had a few discussions about how to tie the "you are here" message to the option to choose a different catalog. Ultimately, it became a design problem that was out of scope for the current effort. The "choose campus" link was a part of the navigation in the previous design (its proximity to the "you are here" message was just happenstance), so we left it as is and it gets rolled up with the rest of the navigation for the mobile display.

      I agree that it makes sense to tie the message and function together. I'd love to hear some ideas or see some designs on how that might happen in an accessible, usable, and intuitive way. (I know we have some skilled web designers out there!) Hopefully it's something we can solve as we move forward with small, incremental improvements.

  4. Thanks for the additional info, David. I'm also hoping this can be addressed in an accessible, usable, and intuitive way in a future improvement!

  5. Dear Colleagues,

    It appears that the redesign is missing our menu of named collections–we can select location, but not the named collections within these named collections. Snip below. Can we get these back? Have they moved somewhere else on the page? I have submitted a problem report from within the OPAC on the search page as well. And will probably file an RX on top of that. 



    1. I found from the User Experience Redesign report page USMAI USAG UX Subgroup OPAC Redesign Recommendations that this disappearance of named collections seems to have been a known issue in the testing phase. UMBC appears to not be alone in wanting/needing/using these named collections as a filter on searches. Is this issue being worked on?



      1. Just to clarify, these "named collections" are a different issue than the one the UX Subgroup has detailed in their recommendations. That has to do with the "Locations" filter when there is a hierarchy with some locations indented. (Something that is on the to-do list still!)

        1. Thanks, David. Can you tell me if our "named collections" fall within this indented set up? It seems to me that they did, but the pre-Redesign OPAC is no longer available for me to look at.

          1. Vicki Sipe No, they are not part of the indented setup. The "named collections" are a separate limiter on that page.

            1. But they are a separate limiter that has disappeared from that page in the redesign, yes? I just want to make sure I have this sorted out correctly. We have a boodle of collections within Special Collections, and they do get some use. 


              1. Correct. The code that includes that limiter was accidentally removed - likely during the redesign. As Heidi notes, it should be a relatively quick fix.

                1. Thanks, David. Appreciate your patience.

    2. Thank you for catching this, Vicki. This is an error and an unintended consequence of our recent OPAC remodeling for accessibility. There are three campuses that use the "named collections" limiter (BC, CP, and UB). Thank you for filing an Rx ticket to track this  - we will definitely work on restoring this filter on the advanced search screen. 

      1. Thanks, Heidi. So I should expect to get follow up via the RX then? 

        It would be good to have a timeline on a fix, when you are able to guesstimate that.



        1. Yes, we'll track this on the Rx and I have already begun figuring out the fix. This is high priority so I will do my best to resolve it today - certainly by tomorrow.

  6. Thank you! I'm going to get out of your hair now so that you can get to it.