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The OPAC had gone through a redesign! Please comment any UX related suggestions here. Thank you!

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  1. USMAI SAS has received a message from one access services department about a concern over the Web OPAC's verbiage on the PPH process. 

    Specifically, when a patron is placing a request, the button on the page where you select your delivery campus indicates "SEND," but in fact clicking that does not send the request - a patron has to click a second "SEND" button on the confirmation page, which has led to some confusion among patrons.  Some of the confusion comes from patrons who were used to the old system, where there was no confirmation page, and some because the confirmation page (when coupled with the term "SEND" on the button from the prior page) presents as a post-order confirmation, not a last-step-before-order confirmation.

    It seems like this could be prevented simply by changing the language used on the first "SEND" button to something like "NEXT" or "PROCEED"?  That would mimic most online shopping sites where you select your shipping information before getting a final pre-order information page (where you confirm all of the information is correct before sending/purchasing), with which most patrons would be familiar. 

    1. Andrew Yager - the labels on these buttons have been modified ("Submit", then "Confirm Request") as part of the redesign since we have some more flexibility now that we're not relying on images for these buttons. 

      1. David Dahl thanks!  I'll pass this along to the original requester!

  2. Hi! This looks terrific!