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USMAI Library Consortium

Council of Library Directors

Each of the 17 USMAI libraries has a representative on the Council of Library Directors.


The Consortium has a full-time staff providing technical and other support to member libraries.


Staff at USMAI libraries generously volunteer their time to the Consortium. Most of USMAI's volunteers serve on a committee or task group. They also help develop and launch new initiatives and engage in other ways. If you're interested in volunteering, please email and speak with your library director or supervisor.

USMAI Member Portal

People Directory

A searchable list of all Confluence account holders.

USMAI Libraries

Aleph Authorized Representatives

Individuals at USMAI libraries who, along with Campus Contacts, have permission to submit user request forms and request password resets.

Campus Contacts

Staff at USMAI Library who serve as intermediaries between USMAI campuses and USMAI staff. Visit Campus Contacts Home to learn more.


Many of the subgroups have created lists of experts.

Staff at USMAI Libraries

Links to staff directories are at right.

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Staff Directories

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