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Meet the Vendor (In-Person Series)

EBSCO, which supports the open source library services platform Folio, held a demo on Feb. 11, 2020. USMAI members were able to attend either in-person at UMGC Academic Center at Largo or remotely via Webex.

Recordings & Media

Since FOLIO is an open source platform, access to these recordings is unrestricted. 


I. Introductions

II. FOLIO Services from EBSCO

What is Folio

Who is implementing Folio

III. Print Collection Workflows

Ordering via GOBI



IV. Electronic Collection Workflow (0:00-56:50)

Electronic Holdings Management via EBSCO KB

Agreements and Licenses

Vendor Contacts

Course Reserves

V. FOLIO Demo Continued


Users and Permissions


VI. Implementation (1:13:26-end)

VI. Patron Experience

Patron Features in EDS (0:00-22:00)

Next Gen User Experience (25:00-44:00)

Faculty Select & OER

VII. OpenAthens Authentication

VIII. Questions and Answers (44:00-end)

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Materials from Previous Events

Meet the Vendor: Webinar Series

Meet the Customer

February 6, 2019 

Archived Recording (1:29:29) 


David Glazer, Regional MD Kentucky, Databases and Archives

Larry McGondal, MD Kentucky

Andrew Nagy, Software Innovations


May 23, 2018

Archived Recording (45:53)

Note: Video starts at 00:08.


Paula Sullenger, Associate Dean for Information Resources, Texas A&M University Libraries