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The Council of Library Directors (CLD) at its most recent meeting reaffirmed its commitment to revising the structure of USMAI's groups and identified committees in need of volunteers for FY 2022. 

The primary goal of the restructuring is to have the most effective groups possible while doing our best to limit the burden that work imposes on the committee members and their libraries. 

At present, the CLD is working on refining a new group structure proposed by the CRTG. The proposal focuses on establishing a sustainable overarching structure for USMAI's groups. We thank the Task Group for their expertise, hard work, and commitment to improving USMAI.

The CLD is aware of just how critical the work of the committees and other groups is to the effective functioning of USMAI. We greatly appreciate the energy, thoughtfulness, and efficiency that the committee members put into their USMAI work. The CLD also recognizes that:

  1. Some of the committees or committee members are deeply involved in the ILS Migration Project.
  2. Others are continuing to do much-needed work for USMAI.
  3. Many of the committees desperately need more members and have members who have stayed on, at our request, beyond the terms they had initially agreed to serve. 

Therefore, while the CLD works toward approving a new structure, we are also soliciting new members for the following Committees:

Groups not listed above should rest assured that we anticipate they will have a presence in the new structure. We would also like to assure groups that there continues to be money in the budget to support meetings and activities. 

Groups not listed above are also able to work on specific projects as task groups. Ongoing and newly-established projects should continue work uninterrupted. Please seek the approval of CLD if you would like to establish a new task group.

If you have questions about any of the above or would like to volunteer for a committee, please contact Katia Fowler. Katia Fowler will also remain the contact for USMAI's groups in FY 22.