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The "Collections (Current)" and "BIBs and HOLs (Current)" reporting topics have been refreshed with data that is current as of June 1, 2021. All reports run in the Reporting Environment will now include the refreshed data set.

The next data refresh will take place in early July.

Visit the Data Warehouse web page and read the Data Warehouse Reporting Environment User Guide to learn more about the Data Warehouse and running your own reports.

Acquisitions Attributes Added

The "Collections (Current)" reporting topic now features a number of additional acquisitions-related attributes, focused around order information. This adds 30 new attributes to the reporting topic. Details about specific attributes can be found in the Collections (Current) Data Dictionary

Adding new attributes to your ad hoc view

New attributes will automatically be available when you first create an ad hoc view. If you would like to add available acquisitions information to an existing ad hoc view, you will need to use the "Choose Visible Fields" feature within ad hoc view editor.

  1. Open your ad hoc view
  2. Click the three vertical dots next to "Domain: Collections (Current)"
  3. Click "Choose Visible Fields"
  4. Select the "Item Acquisitions Info" set or specific attributes
  5. Click the arrow to move them from the "Available Fields" column into the "Visible Fields" column
  6. Click "OK"