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USMAI Thanks Group for Oversight and Guidance of Consortium's Shared Print Retention Initiative

On May 20, 2021, the Council of Library Directors (CLD) voted to formally disband the Shared Print Monograph Collections (SPMC) Task Group. The decision follows CLD's earlier vote to accept SPMC's recommendation to support membership with the Eastern Scholars' Academic Trust (EAST) for 12 additional USMAI libraries (see blog post at right).

SPMC oversaw USMAI’s Shared Print Retention Initiative from its inception in 2017 until its merger with EAST in 2021. The group coordinated the USMAI GreenGlass analysis and crafted the retention model which CLD approved. After the retention commitments were finalized in April 2018, the group created policies and workflows for the Initiative.

In May 2019, the group hosted an open forum on the Initiative to provide updates, take feedback, and answer questions. The group was also an essential resource during the transition to EAST, hosting informational sessions and providing vital feedback on the transition process.

USMAI thanks the group members for their dedication to the project and their consistently excellent work.

The group members were Jennifer Martin (chair from March 2018), Katherine RynerMary Gilbert, Missy Laytham, Randy Lowe, Rick DavisXiaoli Cheng, and CLAS liaison Linda Seguin. Margaret Loebe (UMCP), the original chair, was a member through March 2018.