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Update: The Aleph TEST Database has been refreshed with data from Aleph LIVE as it existed on July 22nd. TEST user accounts have been preserved. (2020-07-24 5:45 PM)

As part of the implementation of Marcive Authority Control Services, CLAS will be refreshing the Aleph TEST database. This is scheduled to happen on, or shortly after, July 20th 13thThis is necessary in order to allow for processed records to be reviewed before implementing this service in Aleph LIVE. This post will be updated as more specific details about the timing of the refresh emerge.

What does "Refreshing the Aleph TEST database" mean?

The "refresh" will replace all of the current data (e.g., items, patrons, loans, etc.) in the TEST database with data from our production environment (a.k.a. "Aleph LIVE").

Configuration settings for item statuses, borrower statuses, circulation rules, etc. will not be impacted. If you are currently testing new configurations, those will remain, but the items, loans, patrons, etc. that you may be using to review changes in TEST will be overwritten.

User accounts and passwords are part of the Aleph database that would normally be overwritten. Our goal is to preserve existing user accounts and passwords in the TEST database in order to minimize disruptions to your work.

If you have any questions or concerns about the timing of this refresh, please email

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