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  • If you don’t already have it, you will need to have Webex ARF Player installed on your computer in order to view the videos. You may need the assistance of your local desktop support.
  • When the presenter says to contact Ex Libris Support, you would contact CLAS, preferably via the SFX Support Form.
  • When the presenter refers to the “Customer Center” or the “Learning Center,” see instead the Knowledge Center at
  • Ignore references to “Institutes” or Using SFX in a Consortium; we are not set up that way.

00 Introduction to SFX

Introduces SFX and discusses what SFX is and how users experience and interact with it. The presentation includes a description of how SFX works with various concepts and terminology defined. Includes an introduction to the SFX implementation process, as well as some words about how it works with Primo, Ex Libris’ discovery system.

 31 min. (17 min. when you omit the last two sections)

Topics covered

  • What is SFX?
  • User Experience
  • How SFX Works
  • SFX Implementation Please ignore.
  • SFX and Primo Please ignore.

01 KB Manager: Activating Resources

Presents the SFX Admin Center where most SFX administrative tasks take place. Content focuses on the specific areas in the SFX Admin Center where resources are managed with specific attention paid to the areas for sources, targets, services, objects, and thresholds.

 53 min.

Topics covered

  • Introduction to SFX Admin Center
  • Sources
  • How SFX Works
  • Activate Targets, Services, Objects
  • Add Local Thresholds
  • Find an Object

02 KB Tools

31 min.

This session focuses on the KB Tools (import, export and collection analysis) found in the SFX Admin Center.

 Topics covered

  • KB Tools
  • DataLoader
  • Export Tool
  • Collection Tool

03 Statistics

17 min.

During this session on statistics-related tools, we’ll focus on analyzing SFX usage, and a tool called, USTAT, that helps with analyzing statistics provided by your vendors.

 Topics covered

  • SFX Statistics

04 Basic Troubleshooting

Duration: 29 min. (21 min. when you omit the last section)

Begins with a brief review of the SFX process that happens behind-the-scenes: how the OpenURL factors into that process and where issues can arise. We’ll cover the OpenURL generator tool that’s available in the SFX Admin Center, as well as how to troubleshoot missing and broken links, debug issues, along with how to report issues to support.

 Topics covered

  • Introduction
  • OpenURL Generator
  • Missing and broken links
  • Debugging Issues
  • Reporting issues to Support Please ignore.
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