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Release Notes

Version 22 Release Notes (PDF)

Version 21 Release Notes (PDF)

Notable Features




  •  "down arrow" in Patron box (top left) opens new window: this allows the entry of patron IDs longer than the main field can accommodate (v. 22 expands ID field).  Probably not useful for USMAI, but this explains the new arrow you will see.
  • when you pull up a patron's record in Loan or Patron function, the patron name and ALEPH ID/barcode appear across the top of the client screen.  In v. 22, you will also see the message  "Patron has Blocks/Notes" but ONLY if the patron has staff-created Global or Local Blocks or Notes in their record.  This message does NOT appear if the patron has system-generated blocks (too many overdue recalls, fines exceed limit, etc.). 
  • new functions in Services menu:  cir-27 (Patron record log changes report) and com-04 (Convert Patron Name--not to be used!!) [These functions are available only to CLAS.]


  •  New batch service -- EDI Invoice Load - Preview -- allows for a preview estimation of invoice costs to budgets without actually updating the system. This will allow you to spot any errors that may require correction before actually updating Aleph system tables.

Task Manager

  • "preview" mode now opens reports in a separate window.  The information in this window cannot be exported to Excel or copied-and-pasted, it can only be viewed and printed.  
  • if you select "Browse HTML" from the Print Configuration drop-down, you can print, export to Excel, and copy-and-paste as before.  This mode also seems to support wider pages than "preview" mode (i.e., preview mode cuts off some columns even in landscape; there may be some way to adjust this, possibly in your printer configuration).


  • The number of words indexed for bibliographic records has been increased from 5000 to 20000.