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Aleph User ID and Password Policy & Instructions:

To follow state and federal security guidelines, the CLAS team has implemented the following policies:

  • Your new password must be at least 8 and at most 10 characters long and must consist of both letters and numbers, (you can also use symbols, but that is not currently required).
  • New password has to be different from the previous passwords you have used.
  • Passwords will expire every 180 days. You may change your password at any time within in a 180 day period if you want to keep your password in sync with the others that you use.
  • Three failed login attempts will result in the user being blocked.
  • Any newly created account will be blocked after 30 days, i.e., if a user ID is not used within 30 days of being created, the account will be blocked.
  • Any unused user account will be blocked after 180 days, i.e., if a user ID has not been used in the past 180 days, the account will be blocked. If a staff member has multiple user ids, for example, for Z (Acquisitions Serials), C (Circulation), D (cataloging) and/or X (cross-functional) levels, each of the accounts has to be used within 180 days. Otherwise they will be considered inactive therefore be blocked.
  • To unblock a user, Campus Contacts or Authorized Representatives can submit an RX.
  • For more detailed instructions on updating and changing Aleph passwords, see Aleph password policy documentation.

Print ID for Task Manager Reports

Print permissions are embedded in each individual user account so that no additional login is required when accessing Task Manager.

There are two categories for the printing needs: 1) general reports, such as shelf list, lost and missing, Acquisitions budget summary, claims, etc., and 2) sensitive data, i.e, circulation reports and notices. Select from these levels on the user request forms below.

User Request Forms

Campus Contacts or Authorized Representatives: Please use the following forms to submit requests to the CLAS team to create, delete or change security levels of Aleph users. Requests may be made by campus contact or authorized representatives at individual campus. Requests will be processed within 2 business days.

Cross–module proxies are available. Staff members who wear multiple hats do not need to log in to Aleph as a different user when working in different modules. For example, a staff member may need to log in as D6 (Cataloging) + Z6 (Acquisitions/Serials) + C4 (Circulation) user(s), use the Cross-Functional user form to request one user id for this staff member.

Aleph Security Levels

  • Security levels have been developed for staff in Circulation, Reserves and Inter Library Loan, Catalog and Database Maintenance and Acquisitions Serials
  • Proxies for each of these security levels have been created and individual users are assigned to an appropriate proxy.
  • To assign individual users to appropriate proxies and to establish passwords, Campus Contacts or Authorized Representatives at individual campus should use online request forms above. The CLAS team will then set up the requested users in 2 business days.
    • A standard naming convention for users should be followed. See the online forms for specific instructions.
    • Changing a user level - Use request form to delete old user and create new user using the online request forms.